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Kind Words and Assorted Reviews

Praise for The Edge of Ruin:

"A fascinating glimpse into the world of early movies, when the movie making was as dangerous as the stunts they performed. A real cliff-hanger of a tale with a spunky heroine who might have stepped straight from one of those movies."
Rhys Bowen, author of Her Royal Spyness and the Molly Murphy and Evan Evans series

"A delightful story with an intelligent, intrepid heroine and a fascinating setting."
Carola Dunn, author of the Daisy Dalrymple mysteries

"The Edge of Ruin is enormously fun: lively and fast-paced, with an engaging heroine who manages to be spunky but never cloying." – PopMatters

"A romantic, suspenseful, sometimes hilarious, slice of New York City history." – Gumshoe Review